> Volume 6 > Number 24


Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Min Oo
Kanokporn Tongaram
Jenjira Jansuda

Release: N/A

Blissfully Yours


Blissfully Yours has two settings: the city and the woods. For forty-five minutes, it exists in the former, taking in the unhappy lives of its three characters, and then, with the belated opening credits, it scurries into the remote forests of northwest Thailand. Together, Roong (all actors play themselves) and the friend, illegal immigrant Min, scour the blissful open space of this area. Min, suffering from psoriasis, needs a place to rest; Roong just needs to get away.

There’s another character, Orn, who doesn’t play into the romance, but she forces herself into their lives regardless. Even when the film’s remote setting leads to series of explicit sexual exploits, Orn is there to share in the commune. Their plaintive needs are, at least for the day, taken care of -- regardless of what problems may arise tomorrow, they’ll always have these magic moments.

What’s most astounding is how comforting Blissfully Yours. Almost dialogue-free, this molasses-paced film is nearly devoid of any plot, any characterization, or any artistry. It’s a mood piece with nothing but mood, and Blissfully Yours, built on its calm demeanor could be one of the most relaxing films ever made

©2004, David Perry,, 11 June 2004