> Volume 6 > Number 25


Keenan Ivory-Wayans

Marlon Wayans
Shawn Wayans
Rochelle Aytes
Terry Crews
Faune A. Chambers
Frankie Faison
Jennifer Carpenter
Busy Philips
Jessica Cauffiel
Jaime King
Brittany Daniel
Lochlyn Munro

Release: 23 Jun. 04

White Chicks


Now that the Scary Movie franchise has been passed onto other hands, the Wayans brothers are evidently on the prowl for their next film series to mangle. Provoked by the incomprehensible media obsession with the Hilton sisters, they’ve decided to recreate Tootsie by having Shawn and Marlon Wayans dress in expensive couture and wear masks that look like the spray-painted William Shatner mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween films. As FBI agents trying to stop a plan to abduct the Wilson sisters, they’ve donned these disguises in the idiotic plan to catch the abductors when they think they’re grabbing two dainty debutantes at a weekend getaway in the Hamptons.

That they bare little resemblance to the girls (or for that matter, carbon-based human beings) is beside the point, this films downfall is that there’s nothing terribly funny once one forgives the film for its far-fetched premise. Outside of one great scene (a dance-off that seems derivative of the catwalk competition in Zoolander) and one successful running joke involving Michele Branch, this is a mostly miserable experience, with a collection of actors trying their best to act like they cannot see the ruse. Unfortunately, the scam is never forgotten for the audience

©2004, David Perry,, 18 June 2004