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Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock

Release: 7 May 04

Super Size Me


Morgan Spurlock may be the new Michael Moore (well, until our man from Flint releases his Cannes winning Fahrenheit 9/11), making a documentary in which the audience becomes increasingly uncomfortable with his persona but still intrigued by his findings. Iím already on record criticizing Moore for Bowling for Columbine, but Spurlockís stature a hack director with a meaningful subject is more pressing. I cringed every time I saw the man, but I canít say he didnít convince me (something Moore has yet to do).

Spurlock, defying the Atkins diet (itís about time!), puts his body through the ringer by eating only McDonalds for a month. Since there are already thousands of people who already do this, one might imagine that his body deformation would be anticlimactic, but the impact is that heís a fairly fit guy for his age at the beginning, and, by the last few days, doctors are already warning him to cut back or die.

Sure, I quit fast food years ago because I was tired of dealing with its promotional clout and over-processed offerings (I did not, as many people have accused me of, do it after reading Fast Food Nation), so perhaps I count as the choir for Spurlockís preacher, but itís hard to discount his results. Super Size Me isnít a particularly well made film, but I think it has some worth in what it shows. Not everyoneís body is the same as his; some could do this diet and let their metabolism wring the Big Macs through. But, with an alarmingly obese nation, I fear that his is the micro story of a macro epidemic

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